Marijuana Grow House Cleanup


Marijuana Grow House Cleaning Services Miami

Return your property to normal conditions after being used as a grow house so the home can be lived in or sold.

Marijuana grow house clean up in Miami and cities throughout the South Florida is professionally provided by CleanPro Restoration and our trained technicians.  

When a property is turned into a marijuana grow house, it can have physical and electrical hazards due to alterations to the building, improper ventilation systems and use of the plumbing system for chemical disposal.  It can also have biological and chemical hazards including:

  • toxic levels of mold due to increased humidity and moisture;
  • noxious odors from the cannabis plants themselves or from chemicals used in the grow operation, and
  • toxic chemical residue and spills including pesticides, fertilizers, and solvents.

Marijuana Grow House Remediation

CleanPro Restoration specializes in marijuana grow house remediation and the removal of biological and chemical hazards.  We work with and coordinate with other professionals who specialize in physical remedies.  To fully remediate the biological and chemical hazards of a marijuana  grow operation, we start with a free onsite assessment of the damage.  Depending upon the extent of damage your remediation may include:

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