Miami HVAC Mold Removal Duct Cleaning


HVAC Mold Removal Duct Cleaning Miami

One of the biggest issues a home can experience is when mold growth infiltrates your HVAC system. The contamination to the HVAC system will affect both the vents and the ducts with the probability of airborne spores spreading throughout the home and affecting your health.

Mold in your air conditioning system can lead to many different illnesses especially triggering allergic reactions. All types of mold can trigger allergic reactions in people sensitive to those substances, but some types of mold produce toxic compounds known as mycotoxins which can lead to serious conditions like pneumonia and bleeding in the lungs. Mold found anywhere in the home can lead to health problems, but when mold is in the air conditioning system, it can be particularly problematic. Microscopic mold spores become airborne when air blows through the ducts and are dispersed throughout the home, where they are easily inhaled. Babies and elderly people are most susceptible to mold-related illnesses, but even healthy young adults can get sick.

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