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Emergency Shrink Wrap Roof

Miami-Dade County

After a major hurricane or after a strong storm, your roof may suffer damage to the roof resulting in water damage entering the home. It may be necessary to consider an emergency roof shrink wrap to protect the home until it can be repaird properly. 

One of the problems with replacing a roof, is many roofing companies are backlogged with the customers in Miami-Dade County and they are not be able to replace the roof until a few months to a year later. This is too long of a period to allow a leaky roof to continue leaking resulting in more damage to the interior or structure of your home.

CleanPro Restoration specializes in roof shrink wrapping in which a tough yet light shrink wrap installed around a roof in order to serve as a layer of protection for roofs. This will allow the home to be protected for a greater period of time until the roof can be repaired or replace.

There are so many benefits to shrink wrapping a roof instead of using a blue tarp. For starters, a roof shrink wrap reduces the amount of wind that can get under a blue tarp resulting in the tarp literally blowing away in the wind. Especially, if you are still in the middle of hurricane seasn.

In addition, a properly installed roof shrink wrap simply looks nicer than a blue tarp. 

Our experts will provide a free roof assesment to determine the best material to use for your home's roof in Miami-Dade County. We have extensive experience in emergency roof tarping. 

Finally, rest assured that CleanPro Restoration will properly install an emergency roof shrink wrap to your home. 

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